Portrait Information

Creating a portrait for your home is one of the most valuable family investments you can make. One thing we can be sure of is our families grow up and our lives change. Today is the perfect time to celebrate life and capture the essence of you and your kids at this tender time. 

To create a portrait worthy of being hung in your home takes forethought, attention to detail, and artistry.  

24"x60" Mixed Media on Canvas


 A personal consultation with your family is the first step to creating something special of for you and your family.  We will schedule this at your home to get to know you and your family and also plan on how to use your wall space. At that time we'll schedule your portrait session. The session itself will take about 45 - 60 minutes and a few weeks after the session we'll schedule a follow meeting at our your home or in our studio to share the photos. At that time will be your opportunity to purchase and order prints.



  Lustre Print 1.20/sq inch

Canvases 1.80/sq inch

Framing .50/sq inch - 1.00/sq inch

Oil on canvas 2.00/sq inch

Example. 30x40 framed canvas with oil accents - 4.80/sq inch x 1200 inch = 5760$

8x10 & Smaller - 150$/print

Digital files - 1800$


Imagine a portrait so beautiful and special that your children will want to display it in their homes some day. Take some time and invest into creating a beautiful memory of your family and your love together.