Well For all of you who didn't know, I am a Michigan Graduate. I Double majored in English and Philosophy. Who would have thought I would turn out a photographer;) Why am I telling you this though?! Because this weekend past was the Michigan vs Notre Dame Game! I am a football fan, and every year the passion for my Ama Madar ( is that how you spell that ) and football seem to grow. This year one of my best friends and I spent about $400 on two tickets that we bought just outside the Notre Dame stadium. We slightly posed as Notre Dame alumni to keep the prices down ;) check out our sign though - its not like we lied;) We were Alums. Thats the last time you will prolly see us wearing green like that though. Anyway, the Game was unbelievable! We won 47-21 and the first half was an emotional roller coaster! We made the Notre Dame Fans feel their shame too! There is nothing like being a winning team in your Opponents stadium! I'm so thankful to have gone down there to make those memories with my good friend Tony. I know neither one of us will ever forget that Saturday. Here is a shot of us In Green before we drove down. I love this picture because that blurry pasty thing in the bottom is Tony's wifes finger covering my Camera Phones lens. It makes her a key part of the image I think. Good thinkin Riah!