Wow - Its been a long time since I posted last! Wedding Season is about to Kick into full gear and I photographed my first of what looks like 30 weddings for the season. I'm excited for the season to come and to be able to try out some of my new gear. I just bought a video light to do some crazy fashion stuff with my brides and I think I'm going to have a ring flash for some serious fashion looks. Lately I've been working on personal projects and some commercial projects for Ad Agencies. Monday Is going to be opening day at Tigers Stadium and I will be shooting a Time Lapse sequence of the stadium filling up for Anheuser Busch. You can't ask for a better job! Today I've just been surfing the web and came across some really beautiful colored Infrared Photographs that another photographer had created so I decided to try my hand. I had taken this photograph from a wedding I shot last summer in San Diego California. I will defiantely be doing a better job posting this spring and summer so look out! Can't wait to share more of my work with all you my friends, family, and clients!