Gone Thai!

Hey! Hope all is well. I'm sitting here in Chicago O'hare waiting to board a flight to LA that will eventually lead me to Thailand to cover a wedding for two Australians. I'm so excited to shoot this wedding for the couple. Pete works for a records label in Perth and Sharyn for a marketing company. I can't believe they aren't getting married on the gorgoeous coastline of Western Australia (Perth is one of the most coolest and most beautiful cities I have ever been in). That said, their wedding in Phuket is going to be stunning - at the finest boutique hotel on the island I can't wait to see what they have put together. I will post pictures soon! In the mean time here is a photograph of some star trails I did a week or so ago from 12-2am. This is the most patient form of photography I have ever experienced, also cold!

I will be a little harder to get a hold but feel free to email as that will be the quickest way. Much love to everyone!