West Bloomfield Wedding Photography - Thank You Notes -

Hello Everyone - ok I'm not going avoid the obvious. I humbly admit I'm not one of the best bloggers ever but I have heart to do better this year. The move and my new house has really swamped me this fall winter with all sorts of extra cirriculars but now that thats done I should have more time to keep up this spring/summer. I've had so many great clients this last year and so many great photographs. So many great photographs I wish I could share - One thing that amazes me is that I can't even remember all the photographs that I take. Last night I started sorting through wedding pictures for an album project that I'm beginning and I was like...wow...good work Blaine. I guess its so easy to get bogged down with so many different projects and life that sometimes its hard to remember what your really doing. This last couple days I have been organizing thanks you notes from the past few years. I have so many they are all so special. I am thankful to have a job that is so valuable to people and that provides people with something that will last for so long. I take so many pictures of guests and events that I know that I don't even know how many people I've blessed. I'm attaching a link to download my "official" word document of thank you's but I also wanted to scan one that I really liked. Thank You Link

Its a papyrus thank you note. I am really impressed with that company personally and am always pulled in to look at their different textures and colors for their cards. Here is one from a client I had in October of 2007. The wine bottle on the front is actually a thin wine bottle with little notes inside.