Ann Arbor Wedding Photography - Engagement Photography of Jon & Tina

Just finished editing the photographs of Jon & Tina. They had quite a few of their friends do engagement sessions in Downtown AA so they wanted something a little bit different. Both UM alumni decided they still wanted the AA feel but to have the look be a bit more natural. The Arb was their final choice. One of my favorite shots of the of summer is the pose of them lying down on the ivy. It feels like such an amazing foreshadowing of their future and commitment to each other while at the same time seeming dark and beautiful. Also note that we met with a really ferocious dog that was thankfully behind a fence. I got as close as I dared and snapped a quick shot!After shooting at the ARB we went to campus near the engineers arch where they had their first date. Rumor has it if you kiss under the arch one your first date you will get married. They both actually made this gamble and kissed that very first date under the arch. They are getting married this September. Finally, on my way home I took a self portrait of myself walking down S. University. 080812_0098 080812_0096 080812_0080 080812_0075 080812_0063 080812_0058 080812_0038 080812_0044 080812_0021 080812_0033