West Bloomfield Wedding Photography - Lauren & Sean

I photographed Lauren & Seans wedding at the end of July. They had a beautiful day and held their ceremony and Reception at Knollwood CC in West Bloomfield. DeeDee Hoffman the wedding coordinator scheduled the Ceremony for right at sunset and the light was beautiful. I love the shtos of their parents and the expression on their faces during the beggining of the ceremony. I love the shot of their chuppa as well - I think it looks like the garden of eden. Oh and the creme brulle was just amazing - if you wondering why you didn't get any you may have to blame me. It made it into this collection for its sheer tastiness. Here are a few of my favorites starting with the rings and invitation.IMG00865

It was madness and chaos - I don't know how I got this close with my fisheye!IMG00842

Is it just me or did this Kid learn to dance from Elvis?IMG00764

Wow so  good.IMG00725

Love the layering here and the ability to see Sean and Laurens expression during the speech.IMG00657

Love the lens flare - Makes the frame that is filled with perfect expressions just move.IMG00576

Lauren & Sean both met Via an internet dating service so they decided to put up their profiles for all to read. So cool!IMG00525

The warm welcome of a gorgeous reception.IMG00523

This was the perfect cake for their wedding. Flowing and elegant.IMG00517


I just thought the colors of the dress, tuxedo and flowers really blended well here.IMG00476

Their Adam and Eve shot.IMG00455

During the vows.IMG00449

Right after Sean walked down the aisle.IMG00411

Another emotional hug. IMG00391

This was the gorgeous light I was talking about. What a great time for a ceremony.IMG00390

I like this shot of the chuppa just because of the way the trees move. I photographed the scene off the reflection of a window. The screen and distortation of the glass created the movement.IMG00357

On of the most intense moments during the day. Sean and Lauren both promised themselves to each other before the ceremony and this right after Sean teared up. I'm an emotional guy to so I understand. IMG00347

Love the just natural expression here before we took a few photographs of the wedding party.IMG00226

While this photograph is not the typical I like it because Lauren and Sean had a very formal wedding. I see this a throw back to the regalness of ages past blending with the new.IMG00126

During the make up session - I love this shot. Lauren is just beautiful.IMG00058

I love this shot of one of DeeDees assistants helping lauren with her shoes.IMG00088

The Shoes - Love the simple shapes that make this shot work.IMG00048

I grabbed this gorgeous shot while lauren was having her make up done. Don't ask me how I got above her like this. Long story.IMG00030