Murphey Auditorium Wedding - Chicago IL

Ok were going way back to this spring. I know I don’t want to run out of blogging material once the winter hits so I’m starting off where I left off. Jennifer and Jasons wedding was referred to me by Maurice Bonamigo who is not only an amazing hair stylist (ladies hint hint) in Kalamazoo, but a famous Republican Political Strategist (Any political grooms out there hint hint). I know I know not your typical job pairings.  Jennifer and Jason had an amazing wedding in Murphey Auditorium. The weather was great and the lighting was awesome. Jennifer said to me that she read my article about photography the day of and realized her ceremony need to be properly ‘lit’ and it made a huge difference.


Whoa - Always a funny/exciting/awkward  moment!

Beautiful Woman. Beautiful flowers.



Photo 101: Lesson 1: How to photograph Bridesmaids from the ground.

Wedding Photo 101: How to Distract the Ring Bearer. Queue One Sweet action Hero.

Wedding Photo 101: How to distract the Flower Girl. Queue The beautiful Wings.

The Front of Murphey Auditorium - A great spot for Family Pictures.

What a moment.

Can you find the Unhappy one?

The Reception - One Word. Elegant.