Top 10 Reasons to order prints from your Studio.

Ok this this a somewhat serious/somewhat humor oriented post so take some things with a grain of salt.  I am a part of a large forum of photographers who share ideas and we were working on a list of the Top 10 Reasons to order prints from Your studio. Top 10 Reasons Why you Should Order Prints Through Your Photographer.

#1. All prints are touched up: removing of blemishes

#2. CVS Walmart Sams make cheap flemsy unarchival junk.  Often their machines are setup to auto-correct and sharpen images in order to make point and shoot camera prints look good. But making images out Professional bodies look terrible - oversharpened with to much contrast and red saturation.

#3 - I know what color correction is.

#4 - I've given you images that aren't prepped for print. They are just raw files.

#5 - My lab has more cool products, surfaces and treatments.

#6 - I know how to crop your image so that ugly thing on the edge of the photo isn't in your shot, and so Aunt Sally isn't missing an ear (unless you want to get rid of that ear - it did look pretty silly with that huge earring she still wears).

#7 - You won't have to hassle with learning all about where to go.

#8 - We'll deliver each print in a pretty folder-thingy so you can give it as a gift and not have it look like a $2 piece of paper, but rather the portrait that it is.

#9 - The greeters at Wall Mart will creep you out.

#10 - Chances are you'll never get around to it, move away, have your hard drive crash, and loose track of the backup disc that will have accidentally been put into the DVD case for Schindler's List, which you just had to own but don't ever really want to watch again, and mistakenly sell it in a garage sale to somebody who also won't ever actually open up the DVD case.