Belize Destination Wedding - Hopkins Bay

You've got to see this wedding! It was so beautiful and fun.  Nari and Edward pledged their vows in Spring of 2009. They were married at the exotic boutique Hopkins Bay Resort. They did a fantastic job providing  gorgeous beachfront for the ceremony, and absolutely gourmet dishes for dinner.

Nari writing a love note before the ceremony.


A little R and R before the Wedding. Nothing like beer and good friends to set your mind at ease.

The property was littered with exotic fragrant flowers.

Nari loosening up during her hair and make up.

Hey! Stop splashing!

The guys went for a short bike ride into town to pick up some more beer.

Naris Gift. One Diamand encrusted Cartier Watch. Check. (did I mention I love watches...)

I love the density of this image. There are so many different places to look.

I love the hardness reality of this image. Wedding days are really stressful.

"you really love her!? don't be messin around this is serious"  - the pastor


Edward had to be blinfolded while nari walked up because he would have saw her to soon. The guests loved it!

Mom did too!

I love it when couples have fun to touch/connect during the ceremony.

oops...lipstick transfer...

Post wedding giddy joy

Nothing like having your 25 closest friends and family to celebrate with.

We went downtown to take some pictures. The minister of sales wanted a piece of the action!

Imagine: warm ocean breezes, 15 piece steel drum band, endless pina coladas, your best friends, and one beautifully lit cabana in the middle of paradise. This was this wedding.

Her maid of honor brought the house down.

Ok so they played this game on Edward. All the guys had to get blindfolded and supposedly the worst dancers would get the 'tap' and get asked to leave. Basically as  soon as the music started every guy but Edward was asked to leave and he was left on the dance floor to shake his groove thing for everyone! Hilarious.

notice the bare feet.

The first dance.