Belize - Hopkins Bay

This Spring I photographed a destination wedding in Belize. I flew into Belize city and rented a car to drive south to Hopkins bay. It was a four hour drive, but a beautiful adventure.  I felt realitively safe the whole time, however in Belize City it was a little sketched ( I always worry about my camera gear. ) Three quarters of the drive down you head into these beautiful jagged green mountains (Like Phang Nga Bay Esque) and then eventually come out onto the ocean flats. Belize has some pretty remote regions, and I was definately suprised to find Hopkins Bay well off the beaten path (I was expecting resort metropolis).  Just a few small restaurants/hotels, a dusty dirt road, and endless miles of beach. The day of my clients wedding I headed out early to photograph the town of Hopkins Bay. Looking at the images again makes long to go back! Life is so slow and simple there.