Ohio Wedding Photography

Rachel & David - one of my kindest sweetest couples - were married in Summer of 2009 in Ohio.  Their wedding was elegant yet quaint and humble.  The set up was in the back yard. It wasn't just any backyard though. A huge river with an enormous waterfall was flowing by the whole time and they had first class catering to manage the chairs and food. Rachel really went all out with the flowers and details and it made the whole wedding very special and beautiful.

Clifton - Population: 17

Love the flower on the back...

See the stains on the wedding notes...tears...

Rachel checkin out her good looks. Looking gorgeous Rachel!

Wow...emotional! First time they saw each other before the wedding.

We drove into downtown and found this beautiful yellow wall. I love how the two diagonal lines really lead your eye.

The beauties.

One of the best parts of every wedding. I was lucky enough to be a ring bearer when I was real young. I was as shy and scared as these ones too! This is a big deal!

The tiki torches gave the ceremony some drama, while one of their best friends from college sang one of their favorite Christian Songs.

Rachel loosing it during the ceremony.

Oh man I love grainy shots for the reception. So romantic classic looking.

Some women want to wear Guccis...other Nikes fresh from foot locker. Hey if its comfortable go for it.

If you were thinking rice for your wedding... think again...Naw this was pretty fun and made for great photography!

Oh and one last little tip - Make sure to check out www.adorn.com I just heard about them yesterday. You can rent jewelry. Oh yeah like the super blingy kind.