Katie & Rob @ Meadowbrook

I was just working on ordering an album for Katie this afternoon and I thought I would share a few of the images that she picked out for the book. Its always so fascinating to see what pictures are picked out and I think I learn something about people and wedding photography every time. Looking back on these images that I took almost two years ago I really particularly like the rich colors of the formal image taken after the ceremony. The way the light bounced around the room combined with the rich metals and flowers made for a just gorgeous shot.

I Just love Katies Dad in all these shots. (thats her mom in the top shot btw - she was totally cool too!)  You can just tell he is so excited and happy for his daugther. Check out how he rolls back on his heels in anticipation - just perfect.

Rob and Katie Race of his Orange Super Sport.

MeadowBrook Hall in All its Glory. Another great one of Dad bringing the house down. What a fun reception!