Wabeek Country Club - Andrew & Hanit - Wedding Photography

Hanit & Andrew made their vows in the late summer of of 2009. They had one of my most elegant weddings of the summer. Andrew is an amazing glassblowing artist whose work sells all over the country. His work is beautiful: http://www.axiomglass.com/ if you are interested. You could tell he had his hand in the design of the whole event because it turned out beautifully.  Hanit's beautiful dress.

Hanit Looking so elegant. Their super cool dog Nietzsche hooking it up for the Humane Society.

The Wabeek Country Club has some great Vistas but I could resist this great wall next to the dumpster - love the texture and look. This is what you call perfect wedding weather. It was 75 degrees nice. Could be the cutest... The design of the Ceremony was just gorgeous. I love the branches and delicate white flowers. Such a beautiful accent as Hanit Processed. My Favorite Image from the wedding. The Ultimate late night Bar Hopping Mobile: the Trolly.