Ann Arbor Wedding Photography - Jonathan & Sarah -

This spring Jonathan & Sarah were married at the Michigan League building. The ceremony and reception was held in the main ballroom on the 2nd level. It was a lovely wedding and beautiful day at the University of Michigan campus. Sadly we had some Gators fans roaming around the property (Jonathans groomsmen);) Despite this Sarah's Dad brought out and flew the Wolverine flag and we took a Michigan pride shot with a few alum. As the day went on Jonathan and Sarah processed through the Kabbalat Panim, the Bedeken, and the Ketubah signing (all beautiful jewish traditions). The ceremony was very emotional as they said their vows and the reception was an unbeleivable experience with one of the most exciting Hoorahs I've every seen. Enjoy the photos below! Coordinator: Staci Kennedy from Who's got the Time Flowers: Tom Thompson Flowers Band: The Radio City Band Cake: Jefferson Market and Cakery

Jonathan & The Guys working on their Hebrew before the Ceremony.

One of the most amazing Ketubah's I've every seen. Yes folks that is cut out.

I like the clasped hands in the lower right of the middle image. I think subtle details like that make images.

Someone forgot a table! Thats ok Jonathans got a back!

Most unexpected hilarious wedding moment of the year. The bride is about to process. They close to doors. Music changes. Anticipation mounts. Then they try to open the doors but what! They are locked! Quick run to find someone to open the doors! Sarah and her parents had great spirits about the whole thing and had a great laugh. I think these moments makes weddings great too!

This little fellow put on a show the whole time. Running back and forth. I think he likes center stage.

Radio city band has Character!

This guy just gave a great speech. You can tell just by the way he put his arm on his hip that he is a character. I love how his wife was trying to take the Mic away the whole time too! Good times!

Some amazing dancing here between father and daughter.