Ritz Carlton Dearborn Michigan - Vivi & Leo

600 guests at the Ritz. Enough Said!  Vivi and Leo and a huge Greek wedding with every last one of their friends and family there. Two bands, an amazing dress, an unbelievable cake, and a super fun wedding party. The day started off early at Vivi's house where she had on location hair and make up done. Then off to the Annunciation Greek orthodox Cathedtral on Lafeyette right in the heart of Downtown Detroit. BTW if you are looking for a church with great light and asthetics this is it.   Weather gave us a little trouble after the wedding when 50 mph winds and a slight rain were whipping over greater michigan, but it was an exciting environment to take pictures. Vivi has to be one of my bravest boldest brides I've ever had because it was intense to say the least. After getting to the Ritz everything else fell into place with their perfect service and amazing catering. I don't think you can even call it catering for how good it was. This was gourmet.  The lavendes played some amazing greek music and the Simone Vitale band rocked the house. It was quite a party! I wish I could show you so many pictures but here are few that stood out while I sorted through. Breath of Spring in West Bloomfield did an amazing job with the flowers. Bruce has to be one of the best hands down. The Ferrari wedding dress. This was just gorgeous. I love the delicate lacey design. I love this moment with Vivi's three sisters. The guys warmed up by Playing Pool and Ping Pong.

Vivi looking lovely.

Vivi just had some amazing space in her house after I moved some couches around. beautiful light and clean backgrounds made these moments so perfect. Also super cute kids.

Did I mention the wind?

I love how you can see Vivi in the background waiting...

The wind blew away my boutineer design but I liked its look after the fact.

I love this image - There are so many faces and expressions to look at. Such an exciting moment too!

I love this image too - just so aesthetic and rich. Moody lovely colors and rare shaped lens flare.

Yes that was an amazing Michael Jackson imitation. The best I've seen. It was awesome. I'm still enjoying the memory to this moment actually :) Leo comes from the line of "the" famous Leo's Coney Island. Naturally they'd have to have coney dogs. Man were they good!