Vivi & Leo Engagement Session - Birmingham, MI Photography

Every shoot I do I really try to keep my eyes open for great accessories, I guess you could call them that, to use In my photos. So we are walking along and there it is - one vintage barbeque. Honestly, It was a little gross to handle but I got it in position and it looked great! Honestly, it was also blue and I had to fix that in PS. Honestly, could you use honestly a little less.:) But still clearly its a great shot. My fav shot. I just wonder what the owner thought when he found his barbeque 50 feet away against the wall...I like to keep people guessing:) Leo I know you still have to comes to term with this image but I think it will grow on you!

This ended up being Vivi and Leos favorite - we called it her Marilyn Monroe shot.

Love the vintage bangles and hat.