St. Johns Plymouth Wedding - Mary & Brian

Mary and Brian...Mary and Brian...what can I has already said some funny sarcastic comment about this post already. I can only imagine. I love this couple! They are so fun and just make great times happen. I think its just how much they laugh that really gets me right there. Naturally they had a super fun wedding with a great band. The fun didn't stop there. They actually folded 1000 cranes that decorated all of the receptions tables. Yes folks... 1000 cranes. That takes a seriuosly long time. Other notables were their choice of converse tennies and striped socks along with Marys amazing veil which I couldn't take enough images of. Here are a few details and then on with a few of my favs. Enjoy. Church: First United Methodist of Birmingham Reception: The Inn at St. Johns Wedding Gown From: One Enchanted Evening Band: Drop 35 They were actually really good! Cake: Sweet Dreams

About 10:30 at night it finally started raining after threatening all day. Brian and Mary were sports though and got out there under their umbrella while someone commented: "it looks like the photographer is doing flight of the bumble bee" in order to take the shot. I love photographing Todds room door. It always looks so good. Great Button btw too!

Mary wrote a sweet note to Brian right before their ceremony.

Amazing Boutineers.

The pastor checks on Brian right before he's to come to the alter. Note the asian script on the rope that the family had him wear. I think it says, "alpha" and "omega". Pretty sweet.

Classic Brian move: the wave.

Why every couple doesn't run through something after the Ceremony I don't know! What great fun and great oppurtunity for images. I'm sure the guests get a kick out of chucking random items at their favorite couple too!

Mary also had some cute blue shoes.

I think Mary looks like Amelie in this image.

Brian gettin his crazy fun on.

The endless cranes. If you have never seen 1000 cranes this is sooo many. We were wading in cranes at this reception.