Michagan League Wedding - Eric & Tiffany

Eric & Tiffany were some of my most intriguing clients I've ever had. Both graduates of Ivy league colleges,(Yes Michigan counts:) they really had me thinking. Eric recently created a new gadget called the fitbit which keeps track of your calories spent per day by monitoring body movements. It lives in your pocket and Its pretty cool. When they first contacted me they wanted to know if I would be willing to shooting their wedding in a more panoramic perspective. They love how your eye has move all the way across. Its almost like reading an image. I excitedly said yes. Well the day finally came and I faced an internal dilemma. I felt like I knew there would be a lot of images I would want to take vertically, because thats the way they are supposed to be for some metaphysical reason! So I decided that in order to get that pano feel with my verticals I would shoot in triptych form;:three images taken that are very similiar, but right next to each other. They almost feel cinematic in a way. I'm really happy with the way everything turned out and really enjoyed the mental challenge to shoot in a panoramic mode. It definately took more brain power! Thanks for that guys! Cake: Gwen's Cake Decorating Band: The Monroe Big Band Getting Ready Bridal Suite: Vitosha House Reception & Ceremony: The Michigan Union Salon: Annekes Salon AA

Taken in front of the new wing of the UofM art Museum.

There was some amazing ballroom dancing done at this wedding not only by the couple but by many of the guests.

Heres to higher education and Marriage! :)