Van Hoosen Farms & Great Oaks Country Club Wedding - Shelby & Brian

Shelby and Brians wedding had it all. It was emotional, beautiful, creative and all with perfect weather. They were married in Rochester at Van hoosen Farms. Right next to the historic house is a sweet little spot underneath a hardwood canopy of leaves next to the paint creek. There ceremony was easily the most tear filled I've ever seen. Grandma, Moms, Dads, bridesmaids, sisters, cousins, friends, and I think I even saw a groomsmen shed a tear. After taking a few photographs around the property they headed over the the Greak Oaks country club for a great dinner, dancing, and amazing performance by the brides Dad a wedding singer from the 60's/70's! Yeah it was amazing. People were on their knees!Stats: Ceremony: Van Hoosen Farm (note: very nice service staff here) Reception: Great Oaks CC Flowers: Blossoms Video & DJ: Mike Staff THE BAND: Fire & Rain (Shelbys Dads Band revived first time playing together since the 60 or 70's) Cake: Sweet & Savory

Could be the cutest little flower girl.

Grandma read an excerpt from "the Velveteen Rabbit" one of Shelby's favorite books from her youth.

Cue the tears.

Some family pictures.

Shelby's dad stole the show all night at the reception. After the best man, brother, and two sisters spoke (great speeches btw) her dad went up to say a few words and busted out one hand made note from shelby when she was just a little girl. It says, " This needs to be fixed!" Apparently the washing machine was broken. Shelby's dad just wanted to warn Brian that Shelby has high expectations :)

Fire & Rain. Wedding singers from the past brought back. I think they said there was 30 years of dust on the guitars.