Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Wedding Photography - Jennifer & Kevin

Here is a wedding with so much life. I don't know how to better explain it or describe. Jennifer Kevin and their family are just so full of life. Their families really enjoy it and savor everything about our time here on earth. Its so cool and you can just tell how blessed the family is. This was such a great wedding to be at with so many interesting unique things that happened. Besides all the fun little mini stories they just had a beautiful wedding and looked great being the Bride and Groom too. They both were so sincere and had such deep emotions you could see it all day. You guys are inspiring people and I know you would scoff at me saying that but you really are. Thanks for letting me be a part of your day. Church: St. Clement Catholic Church Reception: The Grosse Pointe Yacht Club Flowers: Emerald City Designs Dress: Roma Sposa

So I'm starting out this blog with shots of a cat. They were really some of my first shots of the day actually. This guy was running around the house and he made for a good sport warm up target. I am also just amazed at how well he camouflages into the carpet on the right picture.

Lisa my wife took this one -I just love the strength of lines and shapes and use of light. great image.

The Runaway Bride cake topper. I like this image because it feels like they are in a salon landscape with skyscraper styling solutions.

I just love this portrait of the Mother and Father of the Bride in front of their Detroit Home. They are quite a couple.

So emotional - love how the best man is comforting the Groom here.

Vodka Infused chocalate mousse.... Yeah! Seriously go out and buy it now. This stuff is amazing. Do I recommend it for a wedding...despite the chaos it causes...yes I do.

This is a continued variation on my videographer theme.

So Kevin and Jennifer won (through a drawing/interview/contest) a free ice sculpture display at their wedding. This was done through the food network and of course it was filmed. These plainly dressed folks are the director and Lead camera.

This was so great - To honor a couple that had been married for 50 years they surprised them with a cake at their table seating.

Practicing for their 1st dance.

Heres where the Best man put on his Underwear in the middle of his speech. He said he thought this might make him feel more comfortable. Obviously...It didn't. This seriously with out a doubt is definitely one of the funniest most memorable best man speech I've seen though. Congrats.