Mackinac Island Wedding Photography - Jill & Brian

Its the perfect place to have a Michigan Wedding. Mackinac Island. It has so much history, class, culture, and scenery. Its amazingly unknown yet known as well.I love Mackinac island myself not just for its fun little bike loop but also for its fudge! Yep i'm addicted. I'm sure Jill and Brian thought all these same things when they decided to have their wedding there too. It turned out to be a perfect day with amazing weather. I had been excited to shoot this wedding myself all year as knowing that It would almost have a destination feel. On top of all the Mackinaciness of the wedding Jill and Brian had amazing flowers and some just lovely touches to make their wedding uniquely them. Enjoy the photos.

Band: Simone Vitale Ceremony & Reception: Mission Point Resort Coordinator and Event Planning: Alicia from A day in May Dress Found at: Kleinfelds Flowers: Marla Courtney Wood

The dress had amazing detail work.

Brians speech to Jill at the reception. Still a work in progress that morning. I love this part, "I thought I was complete before but now I know I cannot be complete without you." What a summary of marriage.

Good times with the gator.

Everybride should have a birdcage. At least for some photos. Jill looks so beautiful here I think.

Their flowers were amazing. Ladies take cues here! Unique is good!

Life on the Mission point Lawn.

Theres always one.

I appreciate a good traditional photograph every now and then.

OMG what sweet flowers.

Touching moments before the ceremony.

Lots of tears.

This little guy was quite a photographer. Totally committed. I let him try out my camera. He wanted one.

Here is the amazing flying mozel tof glass. You don't see this every day folks. Brian Eventually got it crushed after a second effort.

For all the married couples they had a special note commemorating their commitment and recognizing how many years they had been married.

Beautiful invites. You gotta have the custom wedding ring postage stamp. beautiful touch.

Did I mention the flowers yet.

I love this shot see that little flare of purple. That means the suit is amazing.

so Brian and Jill...

The party was crazy!

The party was seriously crazy. People were dancing on tables. Fans were blowing. People were pointing at me! lol good times.