Brown City Wedding Photography - Toni & Daniel

I love Toni's look - she just looks vintage. Add on some amazing curls, her mothers wedding dress, and some rain boots and she looks just 1920's. So about 2 months ago on ago Jed and I got up early for the long drive up to Brown City, MI. I had never been to Brown City so I wasn't really sure what to expect. About 2 hours into the drive (2 hours north of Detroit in the 'thumb') we hit Brown City. There really wasn't much but we found the classic breakfast joint and were having coffee and donuts with the best of em. After we both finished off a "fat farmer" (seriously that was the name of each of our breakfast platters) we headed off to meet Toni & Daniel. They are the sweetest couple. Down to earth, humble, creative (Toni Should be the editor for a Magazine), fun to be around. Their wedding was so well planned and there was so many oppurtunities handed to me to make great images despite the slightly drizzly weather. Thanks you guys! Enjoy the images!

I love this image - here is the bride doing her make up in her Grandmas Mirror, with her mom watching, with her moms wedding dress (made to fit the bride) hanging in the window.

It was a rainy day but we made the best of it!

I found this guy in the field. He was SCARY!! seriously!

The Key players heading to the ceremony.

Another dense image with lots to look. I think it like it because I'm in it :)

Daniel was really an emotional groom.

The brides sister got a little teary too.

Everyone always asked if I do traditional photos.

The had a beautiful old Thunderbird for the drive to Lexington.

We took a lot of the photographs at the Lexington Apple Orchard.

Not your typical shot but I like it. Beautiful colors and interesting forms.


Things got a little rowdy.

Toni's Dad made some awesome wine that he asked everyone open one their one year anniversary.

This was awesome. They did a mother daughter dance. All daughters and mothers welcome. The floor filled with mothers and daughters and they all had an awesome time!

Little sis caught the bouquet!