Saline Mi Wedding Photography - Maureen & Andrew

Rainy days always add a little stress to wedding photography but I'm always amazed at how great the pictures look. I never know where I'll be able to shoot or how the muddy locations will be but It never fails that the bad weather always add a dimension to the imagery that can't be replaced. The clouds allowed for some great soft diffused light and we got some great images from the photoshoot through the ceremony. Enjoy! Reception & Ceremony: Wellers Carriage House Violins: Saline Fiddlers Dress: Elizabeth's Bridal

The Guys getting warmed up for the BIG day.


I love archiving script.

Another rainy day!

Maureen & Andrew decided to see each other before the wedding. It was exciting! See those spots on his jacket. That not dirt thats rain. Yep I'm getting drenched.

And it rained some more....

Our cars got pretty much caked with mud driving around looking for great locations.

The reception hall gets ready...

White green and blue. Beautiful colors.

The wedding programs came in scroll form. They looked really cool!

I love how the drapery framed the ceremony area.

Andrews best man busted out the "Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" rap with his own custom lyrics. It was hilarious.