Sara & Ryan's Wedding

Such a fun couple. These guys have so much personality, creativity and character. I don't know if I've had this much fun at wedding before! The bridesmaids were honestly in rare form. I don't think I should say more. Sara & Ryan it was great being at your wedding I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as your day!

I just like this image. Its feels like leaving.

I like how the dress shot has the empty hanger and how Ryan wrote their wedding day as "D-Day" I'm not sure what that implies exactly but it sounds like a big deal.

Sara's Grandpa always talked about "pennies from Heaven" and interestingly enough Sara found a penny the day she was found her wedding dress, at her rehersal dinner, and the Her mom and I found this one on her wedding day while Sara was getting her hair done. Seriously no joke.

Ryans Take on Happy Gilmore.

I love how in this shot you can see the grass clippings.

Doesn't that look like fun!


Wedding day shoes.

These girls may look tame but oh my are they not!

Programs gettt your programs...

A little teary before the wedding with the dads.

Ryans pre ceremony portrait.

I like the density of this image. There are so many things going on.

So authentically fun.

The Next Three are right after the ceremony. Needless to say they were pretty excited.

Who does that!

The dads wore Top hats to the reception.

I like this shot of the MOH because you can see her husband in the background.

This was the most out of control wedding table I've ever seen at a wedding.

The Dancin shoes.

Last minute emergency repairs!!