Detroit Wedding Photography - Lenny & Stephanie

What do you get when you mix a great big albanian family, bootlegged albanian liquor, and a great band. One heck of a good time. This was a great wedding full wonderful people. Lenny and Stephanie are both sweet gentle people and surround themselves with people of similar character. This was an awesome wedding! Enjoy the photographs! Church: Saint Hyacinth Roman Catholic Church Reception: The Palazzo Grande Flowers: Ralph Bellisario of Bellisario Florist Cake: Cakes our Specialty Gown: Maggie Sattero

I love how this image has so much to look at and so how you feel when you there something big happening!

The Guys rode around in their amazing Harley stretch limo and took some fun shots around Downtown detroit.

Lenny was the most anxious groom I've ever had. I think that is a really good sign though because it shows how much he cares! He actually was chugging anti nausea meds all morning.

After the Ceremony we took some great photos around this old industrial building in hamtramack area. Everybody thought for sure we were going to get robbed but we made it out alive with some great stuff.

Stephanie works in Geriatric nursing and absolutely loves her patients. So much that she did one of the sweetest things I've ever seen a bride do. She wanted to stop and see her "people" at the nursing home. All the girls there loved her for it. It was quite a time and emotional for so many of the old people.

Don't be fooled this is NOT Hennessey. This is a home grown specialty that will put hair on your chest!

The Gobo or lighting pattern on the floor looked great!

Yeah did I say this was a HUGE wedding!

Whats an Albanian wedding with out a drum guy? Sometimes direct flash works so great. To get that movie star paparazzi look but also here It really isolates them in this huge setting.