Detroit Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Yesterday a bride who is not my client emailed me about outdoor location ideas for her wedding. She really wanted to get married at either Cranbrook House and Gardens or the Cranbrook Peristyle but the property was closed for her wedding weekend. I made a few suggestions and I thought they might be helpful to share. 1. Meadowbrook 2. Really you might be able to set up chairs in any park. You'd need to rent them from Special Events Rental. Chairs might be anywhere from 2.50 - 7 dollars a chair but it would be a lot cheaper to rent the park. Take any of the downtown parks in Birmingham or Rochester area. This again might take some leg work but I you might find a great location. 2a. The Belle Isle Conservatory has a beautiful Garden outdoor area; I've also seen weddings overlooking Downtown detroit from Belle Isle. 3. If you are feeling really creative you might drive around in the field rural areas beyond shelby twp/Rochester to see if there are any really pretty spots. Whether it be a field or whatever. Then contact the land owner about renting it for an evening and putting down the chairs mentioned above with a nice alter area. It could be really surprisingly nice and have ample parking spots. You'd have to really creative to pull this off but if you did it right it could be neat see style me pretty for inspiration. If I were a landowner and someone offered me a 1000 dollars to rent a portion of my property for a night I'd be happy to. Just thinking... 4. Did you check Van Hoosen Farms in Rocehster. They have a really neat little area that runs right by a river.

Hopefully that gets some creative juices flowing with some out of the box ideas!