Detroit Winter Wedding Photography - Ashley & Neal

I love this wedding. I looked forward to shooting it all year and everything really just panned out wonderfully. Ashley has an amazing taste for all things vintage so I brought out the hot lights all day to really amplify the look. The girls and guys both got ready in Birmingham: the bridesmaids at the Townsend and the Guys at the 1st Baptist church of Birmingham. They had their reception in the Ghost Bar on the third floor of the Whitney and it looked perfect. Dark, moody, and elegant with Frank Sinatra songs playing in the background the mood was just right. Everyone enjoyed great cheeses, martinis, cake, and hor d'oeuvres all night. It was really a perfect day.

The Guys got a hot shave at the Barber pole In Birmingham.

Neal's mom though Neal needed a little touch before his photo! Neal didn't see it that way.

Heres where the Bride and Groom got arrested! Ok so this is a long story. After shooting in Birmingham I said," ok, on the way down to the Whitney lets just drive down Woodward and see if there are any great looking spots with street lights that stand out to us" On the way down in the rough Highland park area I saw a great spot. I liked it because there was quite a few people and it had good light. After taking the shot I had envisioned along comes this police officer talking over his megaphone at us! I was like ok guys lets wrap it get in the cars! But Neal starting talking to him and he said there was this great spot behind the the building. So around the building we go and the cop shines his spotlight along with his flashers and heres how this shot came to be.

They Had a great frank sinatra look a like singer! Michael Sonata

The Ghost Bar.

The Gave away little penguin chocolates to celebrate the season.