Winter Wedding Photography - Joe & Jo

Joe & Jo... as you can imagine we had a lot of fun with that wordplay:)! I eventually moved to the easier to communicate Joseph and Jo version. Jo the groom is a social worker is simply one of the nicest people I've ever met. From the first time they dropped by the office through to their wedding they've treated me like family. I think you can see his genuine thoughtful personality come through in the pictures so well too. Jo did a great job planning the event and adding those special winter time touches. The wedding happened on a snowy late December day in the late afternoon. After the guests started arriving Arioso String Quartet serenaded everyone into the warm wedding mood. Jo & Jo literally laughed down the aisle together and had some very thoughtful emotional vows. The reception was right across the hall in Yarrows amazing conference venue. (Side note: if you ever get a chance to visit this property it really is gorgeous; the golf is amazing too!) The reception was full of laughs and DJ bob played some great music. Thanks so much for the opportunity to photography your wedding! Reception & Ceremony: Yarrow Golf Course Catering: Yarrow DJ: DJ plays Bob Northrop String Quartet: Wendy Mazer: Arioso String Quartet is Amazing!

Yes this was one of the colder photoshoots of my life. But wow it was beautiful out there.

Yarrow Lodge had so many amazing props laying around so I had to take advantage of the oppurtunity!

Beautiful blustery snowy day.

Jo called them the snowflake princesses because during the processional they dropped snowflake paper cutouts instead of flowers. Too cute!

I love this grainy moody hug. You can really feel it.

We took a HUGE family picture!

I love these next few first dance shots.

Joseph can dance!!