Jamie & Nick - The Inn At St. Johns Wedding Photography

Nick and Jamie are from Hawaii. I know we're all so jealous. Why they decided to get married here is still in debate but they did and it was an awesome awesome day here in Michigan. The weather for their April wedding held up nicely, and we even had some sunshine in the evening for some photographs. At the ceremony and reception There was so much love in the room from all their family and friends it was truly incredible. They both serve in the Armed Forces and because of that were honored in many different ways at their wedding. I really felt like the day was just truly blessed. I know they will remember it the rest of their lives. There is really nothing like a wedding where you get to have your closest friends and family all there eating, celebrating, crying, enjoying, dancing, loving. So neat. I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

Her pearls really were that luminescent.

These guys loved their suspenders more than most it seemed.

Nick was in his Full Dress Uniform.

Mom and Daughter having a ball.

I think Nick's Aunt made the Cake. I know such talent in the family!

Flowers by: One Enchanted Eve

The Chateau Band lit it up all night. I highly recommend them. They are fun with a great sound and just really nice people.

I love the density of this image. There are so many things to look at around the image.

I love how you can see the Cathedral at the Inn at St. Johns in the Background.

So Awesome. What an honor. During the 1st kiss I was right in the at the back of the church and all of the sudden I noticed these six guys encroaching on my space with swords. They basically sorounded me for a moment and I honestly was really intimidated. Then I realized that, these are the good guys and I probably couldn't be in a safer spot. I thought that was pretty cool.

Some of the goofiest craziest groomsmen I have ever seen. Just good guys. I love this shot of them. Nick you should make a print of this for each one of them as a gift.

The Inn at st. Johns.