Book Cadillac Wedding - Jennifer & Brett

The perfect day. Jennifer and Brett who are both New Yorkers put together a classic Detroit wedding. Picture perfect gothic Church, amazing reception venue, awesome band, beautiful flowers and great weather. Kathy Byrum from Dream Wedding and Event Planners coordinated the day and helped design the event, and Ralph Belissario did the flowers.

Did I mention yet that the bride looked amazing!

Brett got a hot shave in the morning by a classic looking italian guy named Luigi.

What can i say...these shoes definitely deserved three shots on the blog.

I love that purse shot - its almost like a sculpture and so form based.

She loved the camera - Jennifer said she had found her calling - she was made to be a bride.

The kids both had their take on the wedding day.

Kids brings so much life a wedding.

Ralph what can I say....I honestly didn't think it would hurt them...

The ventian room at the Book cadillac. Awesome venue.

I guess Brett is a Gator. I mean up here were Michigan fans. So I'm not sure what that lame Chopping thing he is doing really is But the guests seemed to like it. Sorry Guys Its my blog Go blue! ;)

"your kinda cute"

The little guy needed a bit of help to get down the aisle. Mom was happy to jump in though.

The flower girl bravely made her way down.

I just think this is just such classic wedding beauty.

Total bridesmaid brutality. Fighting over Jennifer's Brother.

Everybody really got down at this party!

A last late night rainy shot.