Grosse Pointe Wedding Photography - Lisa and Alex

If you've never thought about having an afternoon wedding you should definitely think about it. My typical wedding goes from 12 -12 sometimes slightly earlier and sometimes slightly later. Guests enjoy themselves dancing late into the night. This event felt so different/fresh/vibrant because the wedding was at 11 and reception at 2 and I was done at 5. Maybe it was because the day at 75 degrees and perfectly sunny or maybe it was the schedule but the day felt so full of life and energy. This reception was a the Little Club in Grosse pointe and made for a perfect venue in relationship to their church which was right next to the little club. Guests walked from ceremony to reception to the sound of a mariachi band. This was my favorite image of the day if not the summer so far. Shot on sx 70 land camera with impossible project polaroid film.

love the green and reds here.

The church was really an inspiring building.

I love this moment between Alex and his sisters.

The first image is from a wirelessly fired Remote 3rd camera. I eventually put the wedding coordinator in charge of it. Just push the button from the front of the church and the camera fires...

The view of Lake Huron from the little club.

The Little Club.

They really had some great details!

Mother and son cut the rug!

This is just a guest but I love this look - like young love.

Again just guests - These are all just brothers and sisters.

Lisa inspired this shot of the guests in a heart. She had family in from all over the world.