Andrea & Jason - Royal Park Hotel Rochester Mi Wedding Photography

Coming from an Italian family (my wifes side: shes a Toigo) I'm beginning to understand what being Italian is all about. Its all about family, eating good food, drinking wine, eating more good food, drinking some more wine, and enjoying more family. The more food and the family the better. The wedding being the ultimate form of family, food, wine and all three together at once. Andrea and Jasons wedding epitmized this philosphy and it was just a great day of fun times, food, dancing, drinking, and being merry. Of note Andrea and Jasons had one of the larger wedding parties I've seen, Her family also made so many custom cookies for the event that it would make the nabisco companies head spin, and they had a super fun photo booth! This was such a fun wedding to be a part of and Andrea and Jason are such great people. They love to laugh and have fun and you can totally see it from their photographs. Enjoy the photographs! Grazie! CiaoCiao What a ring!

You gotta have a pizza in the oven at an Italian wedding!

Love all the activity in the far right image.

The cookies - Andreas mom and family made something like 4000 cookies! I couldn't even photograph them all at once!

The In Films team was there shooting super 8mm film.

We had our photobooth set up and shot all the guests getting crazy!