Melissa & Ron - Canton Wedding Photography

Melissa & Ron have been Friends of mine for a while as their family attends my home Church in Dearborn. They are part of a great Family and I really appreciated getting to see the bigger picture of their life beyond the church scene. Thanks for chance to photograph you guys and enjoy the pictures!! Ceremony: Heritage Park, Canton Reception: The Summit, Canton Flowers: MPE Events

Too cute!

They Held a really cool theme throughout the wedding of a vintage movie.

Ron is a joker and I love that. All the wedding party had their own tiger jersey's. Here is mom and daughter.

Heritage Park Gazebo.

The significance of it all caught up to Melissa during the ring exchange.

Theres that black belt coming out or something. Ron is a martial arts expert. I think he's just really happy!

Ron wrote a song and sang it to Melissa during the reception! I know, totally romantica!

This guy....he just loved dancing with his eggplant....everyone else seemed to like it too...

Melissa's sister practicing her ceremony reading. I love this verse. I think this is ecclesiastes.

Where else can you have a herd of ducks cross the wedding processional mid ceremony?

In a strange twist of fate the DJ had the catcher of the bouquet put the garter onto the catcher of the garter.