Christ Church Cranbrook Wedding Photography - Elizabeth & James

The perfect backyard reception and gorgeous ceremony at Christ Church Cranbrook. That afternoon the sun lit up Christchurch cathedral and its stained glass and Lizzy and James had the quintessential gorgeous ceremony. I dont' know if there is a more architecturally perfect church in Detroit. Post ceremony we took a few shots of the family and then Lizzy and James raced off in their vintage GTO. You may have saw them drive through the corner of Maple and Old Woodward with me snapping off shots from the sidewalk.Great weather, great food, and plenty of beer and wine made the reception feel like so comfortable and fun. They chose bright green colors to really liven things up and give the event a really fresh summery feel. A huge white tent was set up with beautiful linens and contemporary branch florals to give everything a splash of uniqueness. Weddings are just so amazing because there rarely a time where you get to have all your best friends and all your family to your own huge party. Not only are they all there but they desperately want to talk to you and shower you with love and good times. When you go to your friends or families wedding you may know 20 or 30 people there but thats its. There is nothing like being a bride and groom and its awesome. Any bride and groom is going to have an amazing time but I'm particularly sure Lizzy and James enjoyed it all. Before I got married I couldn't comprehend why my parents would spend so much on an event and party but after going through and having been married 3 years now I can see why. Its worth it and there is nothing else like it. Enjoy the photographs and memories!

Lizzy double dipped at her wedding wearing one set of earrings for the ceremony and one for the reception. Great idea!

This guy was the perfect wedding dog. Calm cool and confident. I enjoyed photographing all day.

Who has a minnie the mouse mirror for make up? This bridesmaids right here.

All the people pooped him out there.

Theres something so fun and awkward and bonding about having other people help dress you.

Right after she got her veil on.

I love this shot of her and her dad. Lizzy is so focused. This is right before they opened the doors to walk down the aisle.

The tent fit perfectly and the landscaping made it feel so inviting.

Whooopsss....I didn't see exactly what happened to the cork...but I can imagine 3 or four funny scenarios. Every table had a bottle of champagne too so this same story line was happening all over the room. Good times like I said!

Look who interrupted the 1st dance.

Trying to make a Michigan Alum sing the State fight song. It just won't happen.

Think twice before you choose your best man. As in think about the story he just might bring up.