Lapeer Michigan Wedding Photography - Kaitlyn & Jason

One of the most amazing bride designed events I have ever seen. Kaitlyn and family really put on an amazing successful and well thought out event this June. The weather was perfect all day, they had a great private farmhouse (Jason's parents place), awesome bbq for the catering, and kids were running all over enjoying the animals fields and trees. I had been studying Tim Walker that morning who is a fantastical/whimsical british fashion photographer and this event felt so similar. It was the perfect fantasy dream summer evening especially if you were a bride or 8 years old. Thanks for having me guys and enjoy the photographs! Kaitlyns Mom made all these!

And these!

Kaitlyns Friend made gifts and cards of encouragement for everyone. Kaitlyn really had a sense of being the Bride of Christ and Jasons Bride.

Everyone was honking and congratulating the girls as we walked down the street.

Look at all those shoes!

Bride and Sister - I didn't ask them to do that!

Color coordinated nails too!

Well...It didn't take long for me to find my way into the cow pie...I sunk in ohh about 6 inches and pulled out immediately - this is post wedding shoes poopapocolypse...

The weather was seriously amazing!

A sandhill crane that was hanging out in their back field. But not just a crane but its little bitty baby - that is really rare to see.

I absolutely love these shots of the father daugther dance. For me to devote three huge horizontals to the blog. Thats a big deal!

Mom broke down during her dance.