The Townsend Hotel Wedding Photography - Ryan & Laura

The quintessential elegant Townsend wedding paired with an absolutely Hollywood beautiful couple. The perfect old cathedral in Downtown detroit and an amazing team of vendors. Ralph Belissario did the florals (amazingly), Carolyn Hefner did the coordinating and planning, Scandinavian string quartet serenaded during cocktail hour, Joanne from Cartoleria did the cards, and Mel Ball did the entertaining. The day turned out so well and the wait was totally worth it for Ryan and Laura. Enjoy the photographs! Christian Louboutins - eat your hearts out ladies.

I just love the tea room at the Townsend. Lit with 3200 degree lights to match that warm glow.

Guests arriving to the church.

Ryan in the waiting room just before the wedding. They had a peep hole so the clergy could keep track of the ceremony.

Thats my church shot as well in the brochure. I know I know....

I love the layers here. So much to look at.

So sweeett!! This is such an amazing idea and actually quite affordable! After 6 in the summer the light hits the building beautifully too for a shot like this.

The 2nd wedding dress! Totally worth it I think. Its fun, easier to dance in, and a total luxury.

Oh man - these girls wanted that bouquet bad.