The Whitney Detroit - Wedding Photography - Julie & Bruno

One of the coolest weddings we've shot all year. Awesome flowers hand made by Julie, gorgeous venue, custom embellished dress, amazing vibe pumping DJ, sick white dance floor and Great food. This party was so great Lisa and I stayed after a bit to do some dancing ourselves! It was easily the best party in all of Detroit that Saturday evening. Julie works as a graphic designer in the automotive industry and Bruno is in architecture. They are both creative people and you could really feel their creative touch on this event. Julie really put together all the flowers which is an amazing feat in itself. She also cut a 2 foot slit up her dress and put in American Apparel plummage to boot with a custom zipper. Sweet! That is a creative risk if I say so myself! Such a great party! Enjoy the inspiration!

The first dance with the Whitney mansion in the background.

San Pelegrino - the perfect choice for an Italian wedding.

It fits wow! Wait does it look good in back..? Yes it does! Yes! hahaha!

Her hair was amazing.

The First look.

Julies Sister lost it in the car on the way to bridal party pictures. She put on her sunglasses to hide.

These dogs are Julie & Brunos lil babies. They love em so much they had to have them in the service.

Here is the amazing plummage. Julie also sewed on all the flowers.

Some of the best wedding catering I've had and seen at an event. The whitney nailed it.

OMG this shot is sooo sweet! Kudos to Lisa who took this one. Generations enjoying the party.

The party with woodward in the background. Soo cool!