Matt & Laura - Detroit Wedding Photography

A beautiful lovely wedding with some beautiful crazy people. I love people who laugh and these two fit my bill. They just had a great time all day laughing and playing and enjoying everyone. Thanks for all the good times and trusting me with your wedding photographs! Enjoy! The Key Stats: Church: The Beautiful First United Methodist Church Birmingham MI.

Reception: Troy Marriot I highly recommend this as a reception location: The lobby is super posh (great photo ops) and the buildings and locations around the Marriott have some cool big walls, good shapes, open shade, there is a beautiful field behind it to boot! DJ: Wayne Kinney Flowers: Ralph Bellisario Linens: Linens & Beyond Coordination: Daphne from Blissful Weddings & Events

The Field Behind the Marriot. I love shapes.

The Girls Playing at the salon.

The Save the date: Laura works as a director of marketing for an Ad firm and she did a great job creatively sytling her wedding around travel/adventure.

Yes! A gluten free option!

Matt Loves action heroes.

Something intriguing about how the shapes curves and lines of these two images are so similar.

Some of that action hero stuff coming out here!

Matt totally dumped onto the grass here. The suit was OK. Thankfully!

And it's Matt by a nose!

I know its just a shot of a bunch of girls eating lunch. I like it though. There is a lot to look in this image.

Those girls were messy! I like this one again because there is just so much here to look at. So many shapes too.

This has just gotta be an inside joke because it would take to long to explain. Benito made the blog!

At their first look - Matt took off running towards his bride when he saw her. One of the most romantic things I've ever seen at a wedding. Reminds me of the Father running towards the Prodigal Son. Not that Laura is like the Son, but just the Love of it.

Love the shapes here - The eye darts everywhere.

Lots of density - a lot to look at.

Such a fun couple!

During the Recessional that had some awesome bubble blowing, Laura Surprised Matt with a quartet playing the theme song to Linus and Lucy. It was perfect.

Han Solo & Princess Leia cake toppers! ;)

I was getting fresh on the Church's Architecture.

Matt's Dad trying to help Laura Learn about baseball and Matt's Love for the Cubbies.

Matt Got a little carried away when he tried to Kiss laura (as the guest were tinking their glasses) He dumped her right over onto the ground! She was a good sport though.

DJ Wayne Kinney - You are a handsome Chap!

You too could make the blog if you belly flop on the dance floor!