Jeni & Ryan - Gino's Surf Wedding Photography

One of the most perfect weather weekends of the whole year; and it was October in Michigan. Sunny, 75 degrees, 0 humidity, not even a breeze. It was gorgeous. For me I love this wedding not just because it was beautiful and fun but because it represents now an amazing 4 client word of mouth lineage. Every wedding leading to another happy client and another bride. That is really cool I think. Jeni's story is particularly unique because she is a make up artist in Rochester. I photographed a wedding about 2 years ago now where she saw was doing make up for one of her bridal clients when I showed up to start shooting hair/make up. She said I showed up early, starting working right away, dressed great, and looked like I knew what I was doing. That bride having her make up done also showed Jeni her prints from her engagement session which she loved. For me that is a really encouraging story all around. Ceremony/Reception: Gino's Surf Day of Coordinator: Jennie Wiegand - A Beautiful Day Planning (She was great btw)

Mom & Jeni's 2 sisters. How amazing will this shot be in 100 years for all her family to look back on.

Jeni is a shoeaholic. I don't know this but I would be willing to bet her wedding shoes were more important than the dress. I know that is quite a leap but this girl loves shoes. Let me just say this, the biggest print Jeni bought from her engagement session with Ryan was of her shoes she wore that day to the shoot. :) Seriously :)

This was hands down bar none THE most amazing epic bus party I have ever been on. And I have been on quite a few Limo bus trips. I think it was a combination of things. Good timing, everyone was fresh and excited because it was early in the day. Most everyone had a cocktail as well. But I really think the secret recipe was the playlist. For everyones partying pleasure I acquired this list from Jeni: 1. Bruno Mars ~ marry you ( song they played after they announced us as mr. And mrs.) 2. Jagged Edge ~ let's get married 3. Snow Patrol ~ just say yes 4. Nikki Minaj ~ moment for life 5. Pitbull ~ give me everything tonight 6. Bon Jovi ~ I'll be there for you ( bridal party dance too) 7. Nikki Minaj ~ super bass 8. Coolio ~ gansta' paradise (song we were all singing and dancing to in the limo:) ) 9. David Guetta & Usher ~ without you 10. Cory Hart ~ I wear my sunglasses at night 11. Paper Boy ~ ditty 12. Journey ~ don't stop believin'

The First Kiss.