Misty Farms Wedding Photography - Jennifer & Paul

Wedding Season 2012 is Open! Jennifer & Paul have an unbelievable story. They met when they were 16 while on vacation in St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) and have been dating for the better part of 10 years. I can't imagine the faith/heartache/dreaming/crush/love of that kind of a start and continuance of a relationship.

Currently, Paul is an analyst in San Francisco and is a total guys guy - he likes sports, being outdoors and his dog Blu. Jen's an event planner in San Francisco and loves to travel, cook, and be active. Naturally, their details were amazing. The best way I can describe them is a super fun happy couple. For instance, their wedding date was Cinco De Mayo because its totally quirky. Their friends came from all over the US as they've lived in NY, MI, PA, DC, Chicago and now SF.

They planned a rustic chic wedding that showcases a lot of their personalities through the details.

A great vendor team! Ceremony & Reception: Misty Farms Ed the Director is Awesome. Flowers: Parsonage Flowers They did a great job too. Coordination: Viva La Diva Alison & Brian are a Great team! Band: Chateau Band Again super nice people. Catering: Eat Ann Arbor Great Food!

Down Boy - the next big thing in make up.

I did not coach this out of here! Believe me. This is just Jen at her best.

Jen had matching red toenail polish. She thought of everything!

Parsonage is sooo good!

I love this look Jen exchanged with her mom. Its like... I love you....can you believe it - here I am!

The sun broke through the clouds that late afternoon and it became 'the' perfect michigan day. 75 degrees, no bugs, totally pleasant.

The farm is a great place for kids.



Hand dipped ice cream sandwiches for everyone.

It was the night of the super moon. I think thats a fun notable fact. Not sure if Jen & Paul quirkely planned that but if not its perfect anyways.