Grosse Point Yacht Club Wedding - Jennifer & Scott

Jennifer planned and planned this wedding. I think I was hired 4 years ago for this event! The longer you plan it the more fun you make the experience I say. All the work was worth it and Jennifer had the wedding of her dreams. This was just a special day for the whole family to enjoy and remember that was so perfect I'm sure for Jennifer. I know she will be so thankful for all these memories. Thanks so much again for hiring me. Enjoy the photographs. Reception: Grosse Point Yacht Club Ceremony: St. Ambrose DJ: Wayne Kinney Flowers: Viviano's Hair & Make up: Ken Paves Salon Limo: Dream Limoousines Ask for a Driver named Mike - He was bar none the best Limo driver I have ever seen. Completely service oriented, nice, and on time. His number is 586.443.9974

Father Daughter Dance in the beautiful Ballroom.

The Botanical Gardens on Belle Isle. On a side note if you ever want to shoot there make sure you get a permit or you won't be allowed on the property.

Lisa took this and I love it. Just rich with angles/lines/shapes/textures.

I like this shot of breakfast. Great perspective especially with the shoes in the corner.

The shapes here really add to this image.

Jennifer & Scott created this beautiful wall collage for their office from their engagement session. I finally got to see it in person and was psyched at how cool it looked. It is truly amazing how these pieces turn out. You just can't appreciate it until its hanging in your room.

I love this private moment from the ceremony.

Dad sending his son on his way.

Mid ceremony High Five!

The palms just look great in b/w photographs I think.

Jenn hired Sparty to come to the Reception. This is Scotts face when He first caught sight of him!

I love these shots. They are just authentic real wedding photography.