Polo Fields Ann Arbor Wedding Photography - Cara & Michael

Cara & Mike were really the stars of the weekend. Both come from strong theater backgrounds and they really put on a show for the guests at the pre wedding day Havdallah service and at the reception. They both directed the musical "Once on this Island" together while they were in college and had their first romance when they lived together on the same dorm room floor in College. Mike Popped the question in a surprise trip to NYC last year. The wedding was just beautiful and fun and Cara and Mike really really enjoyed themselves. When Cara and Mike originally hired me for their Sunday wedding they made a big deal about this "Saturday night Concert" and how it was going to be so great. I could sense from their enthusiasm that it was important but I really wasn't sure what to expect. Even as I was driving up to Temple Beth Emeth Saturday night, where they had the show, I wasn't sure what we would be taking pictures of. By the time the event was over Saturday evening I was floored. There was at least 8 unique solo presentations from a jaw dropping solo trombone piece, to a high school choral melody, to a moody poetry reading. The grand finale was a full blown choreographed musical number that Cara & Mike danced and sang too. It was unbelievably cool. I only wish I had such talented friends.

Sunday morning finally came and the girls looked beautiful when we started pictures near the Holiday Inn & Marriott on State St Ann arbor. We shot all around the buildings and then made our way to the temple. Everything was going beautifully and then Cara & Mike wowwed everyone again with a stunning choreographed first dance. The DJ just keep stuttering, wow that was the most unbelievable 1st dance I have seen in 20 years of DJing weddings. It was really a wonderful weekend and I think we got some great photographs. Thanks for having us again and best wishes!

Reception: Polo Fields Golf & CC Ceremony: Temple Beth Emeth Coordination: Whos Got the Time - Staci Kennedy Flowers: Tom Thompson DJ: DJ Dan Nichols

Michael Rockin the Piano!

The Epic Trombone Solo!

The Grand Finale!

Pretty cool groomsmen gifts.

Last minute planning...

Now you understand the color inspiration.

The 1st Look and the moment when Cara read the love note from Michael that morning.

The 1st look with cara's Dad & Mom.

I just like the symmetry of this moment.

The dance to end all wedding 1st dances.

A beautiful father daughter moment.

The the background faces in the next two.