TopsField Commons Wedding Photography

Liane first saw my work about 4 years ago when I photographed her brothers wedding at Crystal Mountain Ski Area. She said she liked the way I photographed everyone at the wedding and really caught them all being themselves. I know from my wedding those images are so important to me. I made a point to really try to catch everyone at her wedding and of course get great shots of her and Michael as well and we just had a great time. This wedding was in a northern historic district on the edges of Boston and simply timeless. It was such a classic venue that the images came out beautifully. Thanks again for all the great times guys and I hope to see you and family soon! Ceremony & Reception: Topsfield Commons

The Guys warmed with Some serious Video Game action.

Michael was just super emotional all day. Almost beside himself with love and excitement and happiness.

The parents were all united and totally into the ceremony.

They both had been practicing this ballroom dance for months. It was beautiful!

Fun party! Lisa and I even boogied a bit :)