Westin Book Cadillac Wedding Photography Marisa + David

A little Q and A to start out this amazing wedding! A must see! So Gorgeous! B: How did you and David Meet? M: David and I met July of 2008 at a funeral in Salt Lake City Utah. It was a funeral for one of his cousin's who also happened to be one of my mom's best friends for the last 40 years. She had cancer. Thats why on our menu card we did a donation in her honor in leiu of a favor. We feel she really did bring us together...she loved both of us!

B: Where did David Propose: M:David proposed at our favorite place....Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan. It was a beautiful summer day and we were having a lazy Sunday on the water. We were in the backyard of my father-in-law's home on the lake and we were down by the beach. The beach is all rocks and David was teaching my how to skip rocks on the water. He explained how you have to have a thin, flat rock so it glides. So, I was bent down searching in the rocks for a perfect rock to skip, and he knelt down in front of me with an engagement "rock" and asked how I'd like this rock and if I would marry him!

Blaine: Did you Know? M:I had an idea that he was going to propose at some point in the near future but had no idea it would be that weekend. We had actually gone up there to celebrate his 30th birthday, which was the following week.

Blaine: Fav wedding moment? M:Gosh it's so hard to pick a favorite moment of the wedding day! I loved EVERY moment more than the next! Everything was so perfect!! I'd have to say a couple of my favorite moments were when I first walked out to start down the aisle and saw David standing up there teary eyed, exchanging our vows, and when both David and I jumped into the crown and went crowd surfing during Van Halen's song JUMP performed amazingly by The Mega 80's!

Ceremony & Reception: Westin Book Cadillac Coordination: The China Closet