West Bloomfield Wedding Photography - Ned & Megan

Coordination: Pat BlackwellCeremony: Temple Beth El Reception: Tam Flowers: Breath of Spring (Bruce) Band: Simone

A toast by the Groom Ned Specktor:

"I’d like to take you all back, to a night that changed my life, A simple dinner with friends, but one that would lead me to my wife.

Adi and Deena were eating, and I looked up from my plate, I simply asked both of them, if they had any friends I could date?

I tried to play it cool, couldn’t come off like I was beggin… Then Adi said I’ve got it, you have to meet Megan!

Their minds were made up, I could see it on their faces, They gave me their approval and her number, and we were off to the races.

With my work trip now over, I sat at the airport all alone, I wanted to call Megan, but couldn't find her number in my phone!

It was now late at night, and dating rules I’d have to bend, So I “requested” Megan Wolf, to be my Facebook friend.

She finally accepted, and we entered the first stage, And now it was time to study, the pictures on her profile page.

This girl was a beauty, I was lucky let’s face it, Then she sent a message with her number, and said “this time don’t erase it!”

Oooh touché, this girl was worth the wait, Sushi Roku was confirmed, it would be our first date.

I will never forget the moment, when she walked out the door, I had never seen Joe’s Jeans, worn like that before!

From the moment we met, there was an instant connection, But it would take more than crab hand rolls, to win this girls’ affection!

It was on our third date, we hit the Grove for some fun, I looked up from my plate, and realized this girl was the one.

The love bug had struck, and we were both bitten, I was falling in love, with this girl from the mitten.

Every time we had a date, neither of us wanted to leave, And we decided two weeks in, I’d go to Michigan for New Year’s Eve!

That was it, I had said it, there was no turning back, We booked our Delta exit rows, it was time to meet the Wolf Pack!

New Year’s Eve rolled around, it was finally the day, I grabbed my Williams Sonoma gift basket, and was well on my way!

Thankfully all was smooth, I sounded no family alarms, There was shrimp cocktail waiting, and I was welcomed with open arms.

Scotty, Matt, and Steve, took me golfing at Tam, The Wolf’s wasted no time, making me feel a part of their fam.

Everything was smooth, it seemed to be the perfect day, Until Steve told me that night, in “the dollhouse” is where I’d stay…

It was clear this was a topic, not to be discussed anymore, So I kissed Megan goodnight, and climbed the stairs to the third floor.

The trip was a success, and I kissed Megan on her punim. I was leaving Detroit, having met my machatunim.

Holidays and birthdays, we were on a dating whirl, I had fallen in love with this Michigan girl.

But every time I tried to say it, I fumbled and got hot, So instead I just kept saying, I really like you a lot!

Jason Mraz came to the rescue, with his lyrics he would lend, “Lucky,” started playing, and I said I was in love with my best friend.

It was exactly how I felt, and still do to this day, I married my best friend, and I love her in every way.

When she said I love you too, it made my heart sing, And then the search began, for an emerald cut diamond ring.

I was deep into research, on my covert mission, This was bigger than Shark Week, I was diamond ring fishin!

I searched high and low, and this was no small feat, I was trying to do the math, on how I’d buy this ring and still eat.

I finally reached the end, and had seen all the other ones, And there the perfect stone sat, at Wachler and Son’s.

December 2nd was the night, that our stars would align, We’d go back to the Grove, to cross our engagement finish line.

It was all set up, all we had to do was go, Then the clock struck 8, and it began to snow.

We stood on the bridge, and then I took a knee, I told her that I loved her, and said will you marry me?

She said yes and we did it, our hearts both soared! Then a trolley pulled up, with both of our families on board.

It was a magical night, with my new fiancé, September 29th would be our date, we were 9 months away.

But there was so much to do, before the guests would throw rice, So every night we prayed to G-d, and also to Mindy Weiss.

Enter this power duo, we’ll first start with Ilene, Planning a wedding for Megan, while making college plans for the Bean.

Sometimes moving so fast, all you could see was blonde hair, Speeding through the streets Birmingham, Ilene Wolf was on a tear!

Working overtime, but all her targets she was hitting, Even taking redeye flights, to make it to Megan’s first dress fitting.

With a million meetings, notes, and calls, and sometimes staying up all night, Three post offices she hit, to make sure the invitations were mailed out right!

Ilene was hard at work, but never would she boast, While Megan was working just as hard, on the sunny west coast.

Megan was focused, and planning on the run, I made one simple request, and that was to shoot the registry gun.

She would return home from her errands, her forehead a little damp, I would say things like yes baby, I love that pink stamp!

There was so much to do, before this big day, Like stock up on Nambe, and every color of Le Crouset!

Please don’t get me wrong, none of this was bad, I’m just excited to cook my eggs, on Non-Stick All Clad!

Macy’s, Williams Sonoma, and Bloomingdales to name a few, Chances are if you walk into ANY store, we are registered there too.

No matter what it was, Megan knew where she should be, While I was on our rooftop, doing Insanity workouts with Shaun T!

Megan flew across the country, she had magic wedding planning wings, While I was cleaning up the gift boxes, with all those little styrofoam peanut things!

We went through 4 travel agents, I guess they come in bunches, We booked our huts in Bora Bora, but we’ll be brining bag lunches!

My home office has filled up, with all our wedding cargo, If you’re still looking for a gift, we’re now registered at Wells Fargo!

Megan with all of this time planning, you may have to wait for your raise, And that’s because your boss Jen, let you take about 61 vacation days! Thanks Jen!

But Megan and Ilene, thank you so much for all you do, And for making this weekend, an absolute dream come true.

Scotty and Matt I know it’s awkward, every time I kiss her, But my promise to you, is that I will take great care of your sister.

To my sister Lindsey, you define, the role of big sis, You are ALWAYS there for me, and there is nothing you would miss.

A special mention to Brian Schumer, who is at home with Sawyer, He is reading him baby books, on how to become doctor or a lawyer.

Polly please know, for you there is nothing I won’t do, And as your big brother, I will always be there for you.

I love the memories we’ve made, and plenty more that we’ll be sharin’ And it makes me so happy, that you’re so happy with Aaron.

Mom and Dad you are the best, there is so much I could say, You have raised to the man, that I have become today.

Dad you are my hero, to me you are the king, You taught me life’s biggest secret….always do the right thing.

Mom I look at you, as a mother above the rest, You have a special gift…you always know what’s best.

Everyone in this room, holds a special place in my life, But the most important person is you, my best friend and my wife.

Can you believe it, we did it, just look around the room, Let’s soak this in for a second, just as bride and groom.

You look like a queen, dressed in your white gown, Your Dodi and my Grams, are smiling together looking down.

What an awesome moment, when we both said “I do,” Megan I thank G-d, that he blessed me with you.

I have big plans for us, we'll fly across the globe, And wherever we go, we'll bring your white robe.

I promise to love you, with all of my might, I promise to always kiss, your forehead goodnight.

I promise to try hard, to be the best husband and your guide, We will laugh and cry together, I’ll always treat you as my bride.

We’ll be together forever, not a moment I want to miss, I love pulling your nose close, so I can steal a kiss.

There is nothing I love more, than seeing you smile. And I will never forget the moment, when you walked down that aisle.

Megan you’re the one, a cut above the rest, Thank you so much for accepting, my Facebook friend request.

There’s just one more thing to say, and it’s because I am the groom, Steve tomorrow night in your house, I will be sleeping in Megan’s room!

Megan I love you, I am your rock and your protector, Please raise your glass for my wife, Mrs. Megan Specktor!


-Ned September 29th, 2012"

Here are two rejected Ring shots. I thought they were just still so cool even though their look didn't match...

The party was Madness Crazy fun. I haven't seen people party like this ever.