Detroit Wedding Photography - Paulette & Anthony

Some of my favorite clients of the year - Paulette and Anthony. I nicknamed Paulette "tabbipau" because that is the start of her email address, and I think she has adopted it. They love to laugh and are just so in love.Their love and emotion just overflows in the images.

Blaine: When did you guys Meet?

Paulette: At a friends birthday party. He was 17 and I was 15. He went to Delasalle and I went to Regina.

Blaine: How did he Propose?

Paulette: Anthony proposed after we ran the turkey trot on thanksgiving day at Campus Martius in front of the big Christmas tree.

Blaine: Did you know he was going to?

Paulette:It was a very big surprise I always thought we'd be out to dinner or something along those lines. He did a great job surprising me.

Blaine:What was most exciting about the wedding day to you?

Paulette: Walking down the aisle to meet anthony. It was the best feeling in the world.

Blaine: Favorite wedding memory?

Paulette: Celebrating with all my family and friends. It was exactly what we wanted. :)

Reception: Andiamo Warren Church: Holy Family Detroit

Married on December 15th 2013

Finally a chance to get out the fur!

Classic wedding.

The Church coordinator laying down the law. "You WALK down the aisle. Walk...."

Photos at the DAC and Cliff Bells.