Townsend Wedding Photography - Emily & Brandon

Amazing Gorg Party! I did a little Interview with Emily the Bride:

B:When did you guys Meet? E:We met the summer of 2008. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend in Chicago who thought we had the same sense of humor. Ironically, when we met he realized he knew me from seeing me in the elevator. We lived in the same apt building for a year. He moved out 2 weeks before we met. He still tells me about things he remembers from the elevator (my friends and I talking, me getting out on wrong floor, etc)

B:How did he Propose? E: He proposed in Central Park with our Labradoodle Hank. We walk there almost every day so I was shocked when he got down on one knee.

B: Did you know he was going to? E: No clue. It was a typical Sat. We were in athletic gear on a walk. He wanted to show me a new pretty area on 103 St I never have seen. It was far and I was hungry but I'm glad I kept walking!! What were you most excited about leading up to your wedding day? Seeing all the people we love in one room as we got married! I couldn't imagine it.

B: What was most exciting about the wedding day to you? E: Getting ready - I was more emotional than I imagined. I kept getting overwhelmed with excitement. When we saw each other at our first look I instantly felt at ease and then walking down the aisle and seeing everyone with Brandon waiting was such an emotional and happy moment.

B: Did you cry? E: I cried at parts I didn't think I would. I cried when my grandma walked into the bridal suite and when I talked in my vows about how Brandon and I love our dog. I always imagined me crying down the aisle but was relieved to be present and calm for that part.

B: Favorite wedding memory? E: The first dance and the end of the night when we danced and all the remaining guests circled around us. All night I kept feeling like it was just Brandon and I in our own bliss and then I'd look around and be overjoyed by all our loved ones around us.

Coordination: Pat: Party Assurance' Ceremony & Reception: The Townsend Florals: Bruce