The Whitney Detroit Wedding Photography

I'm so excited to share this wedding. I was dying to photograph this wedding when the two of them came into my office a year ago. They just have this gorgeous beautiful look that comes out so classic in black and white and they just have so much fun. They laughed and smiled all day - I love your images! Enjoy guys! Dark an' stormy may come de wedder I jines dis he-male an' dis she'male togedder. Let none, but Him dat makes de thunder, Put dis he-male and dis she-male asunder. I darefor 'nounce you bofe de same. Be good, go 'long, an' keep up yo' name. De broomstick's jumped, de world not wide. She's now yo' own. Salute yo' bride! - Anonymous Poem from early 1900 African American Culture

We certainly had the Dark and Stormy Weather.

Jumping the broom.

Make up by the Glam Doctors. They are awesome.

The Ultimate photo op! Courtney from the middle of the wedding aisle, as she is processing yells out, "Put that phone down Fred!" What a moment! I love it.

Some ring bearer jitters.

If you look up the definition of "Belly Laugh" this photo is seriously there.

And ending with these gorgeous features. It had to be color.