Its a movie - I just went to watch it with my Wife Lisa this weekend. While it may have some cheesy moments its a good movie for newlyweds I think. It really hits home at some of the differences between Men and Women. It really spells out how to have a healthy marriage. Especially for the guys. If a Man doesn't understand how to treat a woman after watching this then there is a problem. It had Lisa and I tearing up at least five times each. Yeah I'm a softy. Again while it may not have gotten the best reviews I seriously recommend it. Girls, think of it as undercover relationship counseling for your guy.

West Bloomfield Wedding Photography - Thank You Notes -

Hello Everyone - ok I'm not going avoid the obvious. I humbly admit I'm not one of the best bloggers ever but I have heart to do better this year. The move and my new house has really swamped me this fall winter with all sorts of extra cirriculars but now that thats done I should have more time to keep up this spring/summer. I've had so many great clients this last year and so many great photographs. So many great photographs I wish I could share - One thing that amazes me is that I can't even remember all the photographs that I take. Last night I started sorting through wedding pictures for an album project that I'm beginning and I was work Blaine. I guess its so easy to get bogged down with so many different projects and life that sometimes its hard to remember what your really doing. This last couple days I have been organizing thanks you notes from the past few years. I have so many they are all so special. I am thankful to have a job that is so valuable to people and that provides people with something that will last for so long. I take so many pictures of guests and events that I know that I don't even know how many people I've blessed. I'm attaching a link to download my "official" word document of thank you's but I also wanted to scan one that I really liked. Thank You Link

Its a papyrus thank you note. I am really impressed with that company personally and am always pulled in to look at their different textures and colors for their cards. Here is one from a client I had in October of 2007. The wine bottle on the front is actually a thin wine bottle with little notes inside.

Yeah! Summer!

Awwwe yeah! Its summer time! Happy memorial day! Its time for weddings, golf, the beach, and summer concerts! I definately plan on seeing Dave Matthews and hopefully Nickel Creek. The best though is that me and one of my good friends are thinking about crashing the Def Leppard concert. Yeah 80's! Make sure you check out the summer season in Detroit -

- Better Business! -

A while back I was ripped off by a false yellow pages company from florida parading and deceptively advertising themselves as "the" yellow pages! I actualy never gave them any money but they continue to send me invoices. I don't expect to ever pay. While doing research on this company I stumbled across a site known as the bad business bureau or rip off

Basically consumers are allowed to share about false or bad dealings with any business. Not only is it interesting to read about all the scams that are taking place in every realm of business but it is a great place to do research about businesses. All reports are openly shared as well. One very interesting part about this this site is the sheer number of reports - I would guess into the 10s of thousands. The BBB or better business bureau is even reported! Apparently companies are simply paying them lots of money to stay on their good side and not on the consumers.

If I ever come across any shady businesses in the future that I will be paying any significant amount of money, I will definately be typing their name in google along with "rip of report" to see if anything comes up. I highly suggest using it as means to protect yourself.

Rip Off Report


Wow - Its been a long time since I posted last! Wedding Season is about to Kick into full gear and I photographed my first of what looks like 30 weddings for the season. I'm excited for the season to come and to be able to try out some of my new gear. I just bought a video light to do some crazy fashion stuff with my brides and I think I'm going to have a ring flash for some serious fashion looks. Lately I've been working on personal projects and some commercial projects for Ad Agencies. Monday Is going to be opening day at Tigers Stadium and I will be shooting a Time Lapse sequence of the stadium filling up for Anheuser Busch. You can't ask for a better job! Today I've just been surfing the web and came across some really beautiful colored Infrared Photographs that another photographer had created so I decided to try my hand. I had taken this photograph from a wedding I shot last summer in San Diego California. I will defiantely be doing a better job posting this spring and summer so look out! Can't wait to share more of my work with all you my friends, family, and clients!


Been A Long Time

Hey All - Hope everything is well! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm sorry Its been so long since I posted last time but a lot has been going on in my life that I've just needed to keep up on. I've had dreams of posts about my trip to Chicago and about Past weddings but I just haven't been able to keep up. I try to make it a point to finish weddings/shoots before posting for fun. Business before Beach.
Hopefully over the next month I will be able to post about some of my recent engagement session and weddings so keep checking up because I'm sure there will be some new stuff. Its funny if you saw what I photographed today you would not be interested at all. Basically the last two days have been photographing this lamp on my wall in order to test out all of my lenses to make sure they are sharp and in working order.


Cpl Gary A. Koehler

Yesterday evening I received the news that one of my clients to be Married this coming spring was killed in Iraq. My heart aches for his bride. Please give your prayers and thoughts out to Hillary and her family. I also wanted to take the oppurtunity to Honor Cpl Gary A. Koehler of the United States Marine Corps.

Third Day!

Last week I got to see Third Day and The David Crowder Band in Conert! They are both amazing bands to see in concert - they are not only talented but do an awesome job of pointing people to Jesus. Naturally I brought my camera and it was an awesome concert to photograph. The light crew did an amazing job which made it the concert awesome to photograph. Here are a few:













Well For all of you who didn't know, I am a Michigan Graduate. I Double majored in English and Philosophy. Who would have thought I would turn out a photographer;) Why am I telling you this though?! Because this weekend past was the Michigan vs Notre Dame Game! I am a football fan, and every year the passion for my Ama Madar ( is that how you spell that ) and football seem to grow. This year one of my best friends and I spent about $400 on two tickets that we bought just outside the Notre Dame stadium. We slightly posed as Notre Dame alumni to keep the prices down ;) check out our sign though - its not like we lied;) We were Alums. Thats the last time you will prolly see us wearing green like that though. Anyway, the Game was unbelievable! We won 47-21 and the first half was an emotional roller coaster! We made the Notre Dame Fans feel their shame too! There is nothing like being a winning team in your Opponents stadium! I'm so thankful to have gone down there to make those memories with my good friend Tony. I know neither one of us will ever forget that Saturday. Here is a shot of us In Green before we drove down. I love this picture because that blurry pasty thing in the bottom is Tony's wifes finger covering my Camera Phones lens. It makes her a key part of the image I think. Good thinkin Riah!

Up and Bloggin!

Finally! My blog is working and I can keep you my lovely clients up to date on my Business

and my Art!  This summer has been so hectic I started this Project in June and haven't been able to finish until now the End of August.  I'm excited to be able to post so that you can see my recent work and weddings as well as my most recent engaged clients!  Look forward to being able to share more of my life with all of you.  May this Blog be Blessed!